Recipients of the Ameriabank Endowed Scholarship at AUA

The American University of Armenia is grateful to have the support of Ameriabank, a universal bank headquartered in Yerevan, for their establishment of the Ameriabank Endowed Scholarship, which will benefit students studying at the American University of Armenia in perpetuity. 

Commenting on this partnership, Andrew Mkrtchyan, Chairman of the Board of Directors at AmeriaBank said:

Here at Ameriabank, we always think long-term, realizing that every action we take today will later be manifested in its outcomes as a part of the future. It is our firm belief that the role of quality education can and should never be underestimated. 

Having said this, it is especially important and even symbolic that the scholarship we established is an endowed one, a future-oriented one, meaning that the endowment becomes part of a professionally-managed endowment pool and earns interest which is offered to students, while the endowment itself continues to grow for the benefit of future students.

 Furthermore, I would like to express our deepest appreciation to our scholars. It is always a great pleasure for us to hear about their achievements. We wish them infinite enthusiasm and energy, a sea of opportunities and the best of luck!

Below are some of the recipients of the scholarship.

Viktorya Sarkisyan  
BA in Business ‘26
Ameriabank Endowed Scholarship

Viktorya Sarkisyan is currently enrolled in the B.A. in Business program at the American University of Armenia (AUA).

After graduating from UWC Dilijan, Viktorya decided to pursue higher education at AUA to maintain the diverse community and educational system she had experienced at UWC Dilijan. “My goal is to stay and study in Armenia. I want to develop the Armenian economy and contribute to my country as much as possible. I believe that AUA will give me as many, if not more, opportunities as UWC Dilijan,” remarks Viktorya.

During her years at UWC Dilijan, Viktorya was actively involved in volunteering activities. She was a Russian language tutor and occasionally participated in community clean-ups around Dilijan. Viktorya is looking forward to her educational journey at AUA and the opportunity to meet like-minded people who will inspire her to achieve her goals.

In the near future, she plans to combine her passion for art with her professional aspirations in business to kick-start her dream job and become a manager of an art or design studio. “I’ve always been interested in arts and business. I believe that the business knowledge and skills I gain at AUA will help me accomplish this dream. I am extremely grateful to Ameriabank for sponsoring my education. This is an incredible gift and an opportunity for me to explore my interests.”



Monika Vardanyan
BA in English & Communications ‘20
MA in Human Rights & Social Justice ‘22
Ameriabank Endowed Scholarship

Monika Vardanyan completed her M.A. in Human Rights and Social Justice degree from the American University of Armenia (AUA).

After receiving her bachelor’s degree in English and communications at AUA, Monika decided to continue her education by narrowing down her interests to human rights. “I was very close to applying to study human rights abroad, but then I found out that AUA launched a new master’s program in human rights and social justice. The timing was perfect,” recalls Monica. 

As the first cohort of the MA in Human Rights and Social Justice program, Monika felt proud to continue her education at AUA and spend more time in her beloved university, where the academic atmosphere, faculty support, and like-minded peers have been an inspiration to her since the beginning.

Monika wants to work as a project manager at a non-governmental organization to apply her knowledge and skills to solving major issues in the field. “I felt blessed to have the opportunity to study at AUA the second time around with the generous support of our donors. I’d like to thank Ameriabank for their tremendous contribution, which made my education possible.”


Arine Davtyan
BA in English & Communications ‘25
Ameriabank Endowed Scholarship

Arine Davtyan is studying in the B.A. in English & Communications program at the American University of Armenia (AUA). 

Knowing about the Western-style educational system and values at AUA, Arine decided to apply to and explore the broad dimensions of the B.A. in English & Communications program at AUA. She notes that general education allows her to discover new interests and develop various skills for her future career.

In terms of future goals, Arine envisions a career in education. She wants to work on developing an educational system and curriculum which will be appealing and accessible for people in regions and bordering villages. “What I love about AUA is the financial assistance, which gives equal opportunities to pursue higher education here. Ameriabank is kindly supporting me for the second year now, allowing me to focus on my studies. I am extremely grateful for their dedication and investment to my future. Education is one of the most important areas in which to invest, especially with the current challenges our country is facing.”

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