Veronika Avetisyan, B.A. in Business ‘24

Renita Esayian Endowed Scholarship

Veronika Avetisyan moved to Yerevan from Togh village in Hadrut, Artsakh. From an early age, she aspired to study at AUA and is majoring in the B.A. in Business program to contribute to her family business that was forcibly relocated as a result of the 2020 Artsakh War.

Veronika comes from a family that owns one of the most successful Artsakh wineries called Kataro. The 2020 Artsakh War was detrimental for Kataro which forced them to relocate to Dzoraghbyur in the region of Kotayk in Armenia. “I assist my father with the financial part of the business. Although our business is no longer in Artsakh, we still put all our efforts to represent Kataro as the best wine from Artsakh,” notes Veronika.

In addition to her family business, Veronika also works as an operations manager at Vivaro Media. During her study exchange program at the University of Murcia in Spain, Veronika gained useful skills in the field. She notes that her experience overseas and her current classes help her tremendously in her career.

Furthermore, Veronika graduated from AUA’s Entrepreneurship & Product Innovation Center (EPIC). Together with her friends, she worked on a startup called VAU. VAU is a vibrating bracelet connected to a mobile app, which helps people with hearing disorders, autism, and ADHD solve attention problems they experience in the classroom and be able to catch sound signals around them. “I look forward to completing my master’s degree at AUA. I was lucky enough to have my tuition covered, which motivates me to give back and make a difference in Artsakh even more. Once the situation is stabilized, I wish to go back and work on some projects to make a contribution of my own.”

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