Resilient AUA Students From Artsakh

Many students at AUA come from Artsakh and the surrounding regions. Through their dedication to their education, these students exemplify perseverance and resilience, and many have goals to return to Artsakh and help their homeland flourish, despite the many years of hardship it has endured. 

Many of our donors opt to select specific categories of students to support with the scholarships they establish. We believe that the best method to create long-term change is through education. Our students are the seeds you plant: they are watered through the education they receive, and they will one day bloom into the changemakers who will lead Armenia and Artsakh to prosperity.

Lilit Shahverdyan, B.A. in English & Communications ‘24

Leon & Viktoria Shaldjian Foundation Scholarship 

Lilit Shahverdyan is from Stepanakert, Artsakh. Following the footsteps of her elder sister who had studied at AUA, Lilit, too, chose to apply to the University in order to study in the B.A. in English & Communications program. She was always keen to study humanities and literature, but after participating in a media workshop at the Tumo Center for Creative Technologies, Lilit set a goal to become a journalist.   Read more


Narek Shahajanyan, B.A. in Business ‘25

Manoogian Simone Foundation Scholarship

Narek Shahjahanyan is from Stepanakert, Artsakh and always knew he wanted to be a student at AUA. Fascinated by the University’s environment and opportunities, Narek looked forward to meeting new people, exchanging ideas, and expanding his horizons.  Read more



Veronika Avetisyan, B.A. in Business ‘24

Renita Esayian Endowed Scholarship

Veronika Avetisyan moved to Yerevan from Togh village in Hadrut, Artsakh. From an early age, she aspired to study at AUA and is majoring in the B.A. in Business program to contribute to her family business that was forcibly relocated as a result of the 2020 Artsakh War. Read more



Arsen Atayan, B.A. in Business ‘25

2020 Artsakh War Participant

Arsen Atayan was born and raised in Stepanakert, Artsakh and fought in the 2020 Artsakh War. When it was time to choose a career path, he decided to study business. He was impressed by the community and culture of AUA, and upon returning from the army, he began his education at the University.  Read more


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